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I am Charlotte and here are a few words to get to know me. ​


Yoga came to me about fifteen years ago when I began my career as a professional dancer in Paris in the musical “Mozart l’Opéra Rock”.

First as a warm-up then in my daily life, yoga has taken an increasingly important place in my life. Over time I observed big changes and quickly became passionate about it.


During my tours around the world I had the chance to discover many forms of Yoga, to practice with many teachers and all these travels have inspired my practice of today. After a tour of Asia with the show "Notre Dame de Paris", I lived for two years in Macau to dance in one of the biggest aquatic shows in the world, "The House of Dancing Water".


With a hectic pace of 10 shows per week, my body needed a lot of rigor and yoga played an important role. I was lucky enough to never get injured.


Then I trained to become an Acrobat Aerialist and in 2016 I was casted by Cirque du Soleil for the creation of the show “Volta”. I toured for three years with this show and that's how I started giving Yoga classes to other artists before and after the shows.

The number of performances was still intense but I found time to create choreographies and aerial acts outside of work. With this hyper-active side on my personality, I needed Yoga to help me calm down.

Until the day when a tragic event happened on Stage and changed me forever...


A few months later I felt a the need to take a break and I followed my intuition. I went to Bali for my YTT 200Hrs in Ashtanga Yoga - Vinyasa. This rich and unique experience opened to me the doors of transmission and made me want to share my knowledge and experience. ​


Then I went back on stage while teaching Yoga in Paris.

And in 2020 with the pandemic and the sudden stop of shows I was able to devote myself to teaching Yoga.


In 2021, my pregnancy was the opportunity to specialize in Pre and Post Natal Yoga using the Gasquet Method.


I give online and face-to-face classes, I lead yoga courses and retreats, particularly in HOSSEGOR where I have my home.

Living by the Ocean in France reminds me of my travels with an exceptional setting to practice Yoga surrounded by nature and by the Ocean. ​


You will find my artistic side in my Flows but also in my workshops like “Yog’Art” which fuses Yoga and Dance. ​


My classes are aimed at everyone and at all levels. In group or private lessons, I adapt my classes according to the students and their needs.


I have created online programs to allow you to follow my courses wherever you are and to progress at your own pace. ​


The great strength of Yoga is to help us feel more connected with who we really are, to appreciate the present moment and to take a moment just for ourselves...


No matter the approach, those who start Yoga will see great changes in his life.

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