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Charlotte is an artist and Yoga teacher from South of France, Aix-en-Provence.

She has worked for the biggest show companies in the world: "Cirque du Soleil" ,

"Dragone , "Cirque de Paname" , "Notre Dame de Paris" ...

Currently in France, she teaches Yoga and dance, face-to-face and online,   

runs , workshops, retreats ...

She has a lot of experiences on stages and has been travelling all around the world for 10 years.

She has nourish herself from those experiences and she brings together a lot of knowledge in the field of Yoga and dance that she shares with passion.

At the age of 18, she began her professional dancing career in Paris and since then she has never stopped performing until the world of entertainment was stopped by the global pandemic.

She has participated in many projects in France and abroad: musicals like "Mozart l'Opéra rock" or "Notre Dame de Paris", TV shows, music videos and tours of artists like STAR 80 .

Then in 2014 she signed a 2-year contract in Macau in the gigantic aquatic show  

"The House of Dancing Water".
It was there that she turned to aerial acrobatics and trained hard in parallel with the 10 shows per week that she performed.

Only 2 years later, in 2016, she got a role at "Cirque du Soleil" for the creation of the newest show "Volta" with which she will tour with in Canada and the United States for 3 years.

Yoga entered his life when she was 19 years old during her first tour. She discovers the benefits of this discipline and uses it as a warm-up and relaxation after the shows.

Because she travels so much, she thrives on encounters and never stops learning about her new passion.

In 2019 she already teaches Yoga within Cirque du Soleil as an artist coach but decided to go to study in Bali to become a certified teacher in Ashtanga / Vinyasa.
Since then she has been teaching several types of Yoga including the Pre and Post Natal of the " De Gasquet method " (training followed in 2020) and continues to learn and share her knowledge when she is not on stage.

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