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Yoga and Fitness Program


I am very happy to present to you my

brand new program!

Thought and designed to help you feel

better in your body and your head!

By combining Yoga postures with muscle strengthening exercises you will see

the effects on your body:

strengthen, refine,  getting more flexible, tone, balance...


But also on your mind!

With this program you will find all

the benefits of Yoga:

reduction of stress, feelings of calmness and serenity, mastery of emotions, re-connection to oneself, letting go and

stimulation of hormones of happiness


You can do this program at your own pace!

I offer you several plans to

achieve your goals without pressure.


Classes last between 20 and 30 minutes so you can optimize your time and practice as regularly as possible.

Example plan:

3 Yoga Fit videos per week

+ 1 hour of Cardio

+ 1 Relaxation video

In addition to the classes, I share with you my advices off the mat... my favorite recipes and well-being rituals to adopt to change your daily life and improve your health.

So shall we begin?



If you are a subscriber to the video library you benefit from a promotional code (ask for it) valid now and as long as your subscription is active. It offers you one month of subscription deducted from the price of this program!

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