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Yoga with Charlotte

Ashtanga - Vinyasa / Pre & Post Natal /Yoga Fit /Dance / Arts of mouvement

This Space is dedicated to your well-being.

Yoga is first of all a self discovery .

I am here to be your guide in this magical adventure that will change or already have changed your vision of life . 

There are lots of different forms of yoga and every period of life is conducive to this practice. It can be gentle or more physical but in all cases Yoga is above all an art of living and a moment for yourself. In a life where stress is omnipresent and where everyone seeks to find their place, Yoga is an invitation to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

You will discover that you do not have to be flexible to practice Yoga but that it is yoga that will make you more flexible, that it is not just sitting in meditation or doing pretty postures. It is much more than a simple physical practice, it is a true art of living in peace. ​ My classes are aimed at everyone and at all levels. In group or private lessons, I adapt my classes according to the students and their needs. I have created online programs to allow you to follow my courses wherever you are and to progress at your own pace.

Yoga is not just physical postures

it’s a true art of living.


The Yoga Pre and Post Natal that I teach is inspired by the French " De Gasquet Method " and allows you to experience a peaceful pregnancy.

I filmed the Pre Natal program while I was pregnant with my daughter, and the post natal program 6 weeks after my delivery ( just after testing it on me).
This allowed me to be as close as possible to your sensations and to share this unique life moment with you by following my exercises in real time.

I take great pleasure in helping and be with future and young mothers in this wonderful adventure.
By providing real solutions to the discomfort caused by this change and by offering adapted exercises, I meet the needs of each person.

In addition, practicing Yoga from the start of pregnancy allows you to prepare for childbirth and recover your body postpartum.

Whether before or after the baby's arrival, doing Yoga allows you to reconnect with yourself and create a bubble of well-being to get through this big stage in a woman's life. ​

To find out more click on the button below. ​

Cours en solo ou mini groupe


Make appointment for private lessons in person or on Zoom by email

Planning Cours

Planning des Cours en ligne

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Yoga Retreats

Join me for a unique moment of Escape

Yoga Retreats

Exclusive Yoga Retreats in Hossegor ( South West of France ) 

- Only for 4 participants per session


- In a blissful location surrounded by nature

- 3 days and 3 nights with food and accommodation

Vinyasa Yoga, Guided Meditation, breathing techniques, Pranayama and Kriyas, Relaxation, Walks by the ocean, by the lake and in the forest..

- Healthy and Gourmet Food

A getaway dedicated to well-being to disconnect and recharge your batteries  

The retreats can be led in French and English

Your feedback

Marion W

“Practice safely and with kindness, I think that’s Charlotte’s motto. Progress is felt immediately at the end of each class.

Each practice with her is a real pleasure and we ask for more!!

I also recommend his private lessons. Charlotte is a ray of sunshine and makes us want to get out of our comfort zone.

In short... can't wait for the next class with this beautiful person <3 "

Nicolas M

"I started yoga classes with Charlotte at the start of confinement. And it's been a total fulfillment ever since. Charlotte shares this practice with care and attention. I immediately invited my loved ones to join, a success for them Also.

Even a parent injured following a fall found a taste for exercises that allowed him to regain awareness of sensations that were once lost. Smiling and experienced, she allows you to discover Yoga for all levels.

100% validated recommendation "

Sandrine M

" Le yoga a été ma bonne résolution du confinement et le pratiquer avec Charlotte a été une vraie motivation et révélation. Charlotte a su nous faire oublier les écrans qui nous séparaient pour vraiment nous permettre de progresser, avec bienveillance lorsqu’elle corrige nos postures. "

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